Saturday, July 23, 2011

r i c h m o n d p a r k

Well... it is about 12:30am and I am still up so I figure I would start writing another post. The past few weeks, I have pretty well stayed in town. The deadline that I had at work was exceedingly tight. We basically had to work on 20+ legal entities in a span of only a week. Needless to say, we worked about 15 hour days every day for a span of about 2 and a half weeks to try and get this done (you know how projects just drag on). Anyway, I am hoping this hellish job is out of the way now.

We did have a weekend where we decided to walk in Richmond Park in London however. I've never really been to a park in London where I felt like I was outside of the city but this may have been a bit of a first. The cool thing about this park was more so the fact that you could see deer! They literally came right up to us and ate off my hands haha. It was a very cool experience - especially when one of my favorite movies when I was a kid was Bambi :D

After walking about, we settled at a pub at the end of the park before heading home. It was a nice day out! But this made me yearn to see Central Park in New York again. Very few parks in the world compare to that - the feeling of being in another place entirely but still being amidst the big city. It makes me think I want to take another trip there but this time during winter!


  1. wooww!! i'm really impressed by the colours of your pictures!!! the first one is outstanding!!
    i love how the bokeh in every of your pictures look so creamy <3

  2. Oh beautiful.. The first picture with the herd of bambi looks magical

  3. such gorgeous colors and light. hopefully your workload will lighten up now. :)

  4. Great shots man! Your work situation sounds like Bridget's right now. Hang in there man!

  5. The light is these are fab - love your blog:)

  6. those deers are so cute! they look so perfect that i thought they were fake at first :)