Sunday, July 29, 2012

t w o c h e f s & a t a b l e

Yesterday me and a friend went over a part of town that I don't frequent often. Vancouver is a beautiful city but what people outside of the town don't know is that it has probably one of the worst poverty ridden sectors in North America. East Hastings and Main street is notorious for being an area that you may not want to walk through. Having lived in Vancouver for most of my life, it is interesting to see but it really isn't that dangerous to walk through during the day. Anyway, I am rambling but there is a point to this. The restaurant is located near that area but you wouldn't know it when you walk in.

When you walk into Two Chefs and a Table it really feels like you stepped a different place altogether. Amidst the instability in the surrounding neighborhood, you walk into a restaurant that is brightly lit, smells of coffee and good food.

They served all their coffee in french presses which I thought was neat (and it was a welcome sight in the morning). I had the Joe's Special (grass fed beef, spinach, seasonal mushrooms, thyme, scrambled eggs, toast and hashbrowns) and my friend Sue had the Monsieur Andre (artisan sourdough bread, daily charcuterie, grilled). Definitely coming back here. The food was fresh and concepts on brunch were original. The space is also a photographers dream with the open space and the abundance of light. Felt a little rude snapping away while my friend was right in front of me but she understands.


  1. Really gorgeous, Kelven. Especially that first one with the roots -- love that.

  2. Looks like a nice place to hang out. The lighting is gorgeous. I too love the first photo the most!

  3. What a gorgeous place Kelven... Nice dedication... Do they do vegetarian dishes? ;-)

    1. I believe they definitely have some vegetarian breakfast dishes :) Everything was so creative.

  4. Great place. I saw an episode of No Reservation by Anthony Bourdain introducing a rough neighborhood in Vancouver. Probably the neighborhood you're mentioning.