Thursday, December 30, 2010

An introduction to the diaries of the traveling accountant

Alright, I don't know if I will continue to use this but I figure that I would give this a shot. Don't even ask what SAAE means. Anyone who's a chartered accountant will probably know what this means but this is single handedly the most geeky term you will find on a blog haha. This blog isn't meant to have many visitors but if it does, you might be reading a lot of banter. A lot of what I write might not make sense to you and if it does, congrats, you may know me better than I do myself :)

Just to introduce myself, my name is Kelven and I am an accountant. Not your typical accountant but one nonetheless. I love to take pictures and to talk about random stuff that makes no sense. Don't worry, you'll see why soon.

Anyway, this blog will be accompanied by photos that I post on flickr and those that I don't post as well. Gives me more of an outlet anyway to display some of the pictures I take.

I'm at the San Francisco airport right now. Waiting for a flight home to Vancouver, BC. Lots to look forward to in going back home :)

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