Friday, December 31, 2010

Bring on 2011

Today is the last day of the year of 2010. What a memorable year it was. It may be over but I'm almost left thinking, "where did the year go?". Still, when I reflect on what happened this year, some of these items come to mind:

[246/365] Bring on 2011

i. Started the 365 project and really got into photography for the first time. This lead to a lot of money being spent and a lot of ridiculous photographs being taken in the most peculiar times and/or positions. I still remember working at the office until past midnight and just before the day was over (ie. 11:59pm), I remembered jumping up and taking a picture of a client's desk for my daily post. Oh, how I await the 365th day of this project.

ii. Got my chartered accountancy designation and also got my transfer to London, UK to work for 2 years, approved for early 2011. I have been wanting to travel to work abroad since the very beginning of my tenure with the company I work for. There has been no experience more rewarding than traveling and getting out of my comfort zone.

iii. Went to NYC and San Francisco for the first time this year and loved both.San Francisco, I would love to come back and live in. Being from Vancouver, San Fran isn't much different but it has all of the west coast feel along with amazing restaurants and great people. I would go back in a second.

iv. The 2010 Winter Olympics happened in my home town of Vancouver, BC. I will always, always, always, remember witnessing that overtime goal in the gold medal hockey game. I don't remember ever screaming so loud. The words, "Sidney Crosby! The Golden Goal!", will always be remembered :D

v. Last but not least, started to realize a hope that was 8 years in the making. I couldn't ask for more.

It was a great year to say the least. But with it now being over, we can only look forward to 2011. In many ways, I look at 2010 as the beginning to a lot, but 2011 will be the year that these beginnings become more. It's not the triumph but the struggle. 2011 will be a great year, I have a feeling it will be so much more than years previous.

We can only do what we can do and can only control what we can control. Beyond that, it's not up to us. I normally don't like having New Years resolutions because I don't believe that people should make this as an excuse to make goals that they don't keep. With that being said though, this is a year that I will try my best to just be true to myself. What I say, I want to act on, rather than just "saying it". I want to be a man that is true to his word - so when I say that I will wait, I will. :)


  1. hello kelvin! nice to see your spanking new blog. waiting to see more!! congrats on all the wonderful achievement - i know your england pics will be absolutely amazing! happy new year!

  2. Thanks Karleen! I didn't know you had a blog either :) Hope you had an amazing new year as well!

  3. You couldnt have expressed your words any better! I totally agree, weird how you think the way i do. kinda. haha :)Lovin' your blog! :)