Sunday, February 13, 2011

d a y i n t h e m a r k e t

Those of you who know me, know that I am a huge foodie. I may not be the most knowledgeable about all things food but I am always up for going out to eat, drink, etc. Nothing is a better past time for me than to eat... well that may be an exaggeration but it is certainly up there with the best of things!

The sun came out for a period of time today so I decided to make the most of it take a walk to Borough Market. It's a market that is basically for foods of all kinds. I really wanted to come by here the first time I arrived in London for vacation in 2009 but just didn't have the time. But am I glad that I got a chance to go this time...

Borough Market is FILLED with tourists and it is jam packed but the variety of foods and the smells... It is a feast for all your senses, believe me. All kinds of meats were available for sale from your prosciutto, different types of salami, to venison, to ostrict, to... basically anything you could think of. I had to really pick and choose which things I wanted to try. Definitely have to come here really hungry or famished in order to really appreciate it :)


Did I mention that I had the best Chicken burger ever? It was amazing and I'm not sure what herbs and spices that they put in this thing because it was just an explosion of flavor, but wow!


There was also this enormous lineup outside this place called, Monmouth. Since there is a huge lineup, it must be worthwhile seeing right? So I lined up and ordered a cup of coffee. It was easily the best I've had since I came to London. Up there with the best in Vancouver too but what is up with the one size only thing?


Overall, Borough Market is well worth visiting. I will definitely be back here. The only draw back is the crowds but in the quest for good food, that is a worthwhile sacrifice. It reminded me of Granville Island, only 5 times bigger and with better food!


  1. Fun set of photos! I love the lively mood of markets like this and all the delicious food. I actually quite like the crowds in places like this :) That chicken burger certainly looks mouth-watering. What was the size of the coffee? I normally would need at least 16oz to feel satisfied.

  2. Oh my goodness Kelven, what great shots, my mouth is watering. It's so cool to see London through your photographic eyes :)
    ~Claudia aka Cosi!

  3. Wow kelven! Awesome shots! All of them! You are living in inspiration right now, right? :)
    The herb in that chicken burger could to be rúcula (I don't know its name in english)
    I love specially the one with the view of the lights and the next one, with the ham bocatas ;)

  4. Darn, if we only had one more day in London... I would have equally loved this place! Those macaroons look so good :)!

  5. For obvious reasons, the last photo is my favorite. Haha

  6. Das sind wundervolle Bilder. Ich freue mich, dass nie nun einen Blog erstellt haben. So kann man noch mehr ihrer schönen Bilder sehen!!!!

    Great Dof & Focus!

  7. It's just so great to visit your flickr after some time and be directed here! I always thought that your simple, warm and effortless way of writing together with your stunning photography belonged in written pages, whether online on not!
    I'll be certainly and happily passing by, once I begin being more often on line.

    Wonderful surprise! Take care ~ xo
    Iro {Ivy}

  8. ooh i'm always a total sucker for market shots. and the pile of macarons! nom!

  9. These photos all make me so happy! I love to be surrounded by food. Markets are some of my favorite things. You've done such a beautiful job of capturing all this.

  10. it is a great plesure to read your blog, I really enjoy it. hope you will find time to post more. I`m in Moscow now, maybe for 2 years too, in same situation as you are)) it makes it even more interesting to read how you live in London. good luck

  11. Beautiful pics.. Love the details, especially with the sandwiches =)