Saturday, February 5, 2011

d a y o f f i n l o n d o n

First of week down. Only 2 more months of the busy season to go! It's been hectic but I am gradually getting more used to it. The client's that I work with back at home are so, so much smaller than those that I am already working on here. London really is a capital in the business world.

The mornings here are interesting. I used to love the tube (I've always thought that it was such a simplistic yet genius system) but then I experienced rush hour. Every morning, waiting as 5 trains go by before I can find one with even a sliver of breathing room is interesting - and a good test of your patience :) Oh... and did I mention that I love the excuse, "signal failure" for the reason that the Jubilee line was down for several hours on Friday morning? hehe. In one week, I've taken the bus, the tube, the overground train, and the DLR.

Oh and another thing, people in the morning in London are so... alike. It's like the march of bankers and accountants as I make my way to work. Everyone is in their suits, overcoats, shirts and ties. I've also never seen so many people reading their newspapers than here.

Anyway, no pictures from the bars and pubs that I went to this week but I did get a chance to take out my camera today as I went to Saint Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. Too bad they didn't let you take any photos in doors... the architecture was absolutely amazing... It's incredible how people in that day and age can create a work of art like that... in that scale... This is what I love about Europe... So much history and culture here. These are some pictures from today. 





[279/365] Day off in London


Oh and below is a picture of my neighborhood. Typical London outside of Notting Hill and Chelsea? :)



  1. beautiful architecture photography - they look fantastic in BW! Oh, I really do hope to visit London in my lifetime!

  2. I love all the architecture shots here, Kelven! Man, these are really excellent. Glad you are experiencing London!

  3. Gorgeous photos, Kelven! I've always wanted to visit London and I am! Through your photos! :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. The photos are amazing, they have so much depht and detail in B&W... I moved to Madrid from Venezuela 2 years ago and kinda went through that feeling of being a tourist all the time, everything is so different and new! It's very fun and I hope you grow to love London as much as I love Madrid!

  5. Oh, these are so beautiful, kelven! I was in London many years ago -- way before I had a digital camera -- and seeing these wonderful images make me want to go back!

  6. Great composition on the B/Ws! Blog bookmarked!