Friday, January 28, 2011

Frigid photowalk

Today was not so much an early start as I stayed in my apartment watching a movie until about lunch time. Oh... I will miss that when I start work next week! After that, I went back out to Covent Garden where I picked up my cell phone which I had left at a shop to be unlocked. Thankfully, they were able to at least unlock my Iphone 3G (I finally have a working cell phone! :D) since my Iphone 4 can't be unlocked yet... Something about firmware 4.1 not being unlockable to date. 

The rest of the day was spent with a group of photographers from flickr. Met up with a bunch of guys from flickr (Aris, Nana, Sam, and Stan) and walked around Old Street/Brick Lane area. There were more than the 4 of us too so it was actually a pretty big group. All in all, it was a blast despite the frigid temperatures that we were walking around in. None of us were quite prepared to be spending hours out in "what feels like" -6 degrees centigrade. We had all frozen solid by about 9pm (me and Aris started at 12:30). Of course, we supplemented our time with lunch, dinner, and several beer/drink breaks. Good times! Though... I hope the next photowalk takes place when temperatures get a little warmer... or we walk during the day haha. 

[272/365] Frigid Walk

Tonight I go and meet up with a potential flatmate. Hope all goes well, if it does, I move in this weekend. You know... I had trouble sleeping again tonight but I read an article about questions that I should be asking myself. It made me realize that worrying is nothing but self destructive. Instead, I should be thankful for what I have and what I have around me. If it really is something that is important, then do something about it rather than sit around. Sitting around and worrying is the equivalent of not doing anything and that's not what I will waste my time doing.


  1. Hi Kelvin, it's mary Carroll from flickr. I'm so glad you had a great (albeit frigid) time... The photos are fantastic! Best of luck to you! I look forward to seeing london through your lens!

  2. Hey Kelven, it's 'flair4hair' from flickr. I said 'atta boy' to myself as I read that last bit. I love that you've met up with flickr friends, and have been out exploring with your camera. There is so much greatness there in London. Glad the phone is working, and good luck with the flat hunt.

  3. Thanks for sharing your life of traveling here ~ lovely photography!!

  4. this looked fun! love that last shot especially hehe.

  5. You're really shootin' the town up, K! Love this set. Stay warm though. Yikes.