Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sleepless nights...

So, it is currently 5:30am and I have slept maybe 1 hour tonight... I just can't fall asleep. Too much thinking maybe. My mind is on overdrive. The move, the flat that hasn't been found, everything else. It has just kept me up all night.

Anyway. I went around to a few properties yesterday to take a look. I think we took a look at about 8-10 properties in total, of which maybe 3 were worth while. The other ones were too old and kind of dingy to consider. Maybe it's because I come from North America. I almost feel snobby because I am so used to modern and new. It's hard to come by a flat like that here unless I wanted to move to Chelsea or Angel and pay a fortune. I mainly took a look through the Clapham Junction and Common areas today. There was this one flat that was amazingly modern and well done up but it is expensive at over 330 pounds per week! This is for a single bedroom mind you... My real estate agent suggested that I do a flatshare. I am just so iffy about that though. I am very, very picky about who I live with and unless you are a close friend, it probably doesn't work out long term but she did insist that if I were to consider that, for my budget, I could consider a very nice flat in Chelsea. We'll see I guess!



  1. Cool, a Kelven Blog! Your posts are definitely more interesting than your blog title suggests ;D

    Top image is killer btw

  2. Keep your spirits high and keep searching am sure you will get a good flat soon. Good images and presentation. They really show much you are moving around.

  3. Hi Kelven. Just found your blog via Flickr. Lovely pic of the woman reading whilst waiting for the train. I spent a few years in London and I know how challenging the adjustment can be (especially housing) - in the end though, I loved it more than I can say. Happy to share pointers - jmd2011[at] Best of luck and I look forward to following your adventure. Cheers.